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The Boo Boo Bear Express exists thanks to the support and inspiration of:

Kudzu Kraft

specializes in the ‘Fuselage Frame’ style of skin on frame boats. Our boats are designed for the home builder. We offer full sized plans, precut frame kits and many of the supplies needed to build your own small boat.

Quapaw Canoe Company

offers wilderness expeditions on the Lower Mississippi River, its Back Waters, Bayous, Oxbows, and Flood Plain between the levees. Tours can be arranged by the day or the week. The Mighty Quapaws is an after-school apprenticeship program run by Quapaw Canoe Company for Clarksdale youth, skills include swimming, canoe making, paddle construction, and river guiding. 

Platforms Fund

is a collaborative effort of Antenna and Ashé Cultural Arts Center to provide support for the development and presentation of self-organized artistic projects in and around New Orleans. The Platforms Fund seeks to emphasize New Orleans’ historical characteristics of creativity, collaboration, and resiliency, while pushing the boundaries of where community engagement and the dissemination of creative ideas can intersect.


is a New Orleans-based organization committed to being a vital participant in the life of the city through the creation and support of artist- and writer-driven programs. 

Aquarium Gallery and Studios

is an artist space in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, LA. (Not associated with the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas)
Consisting of living space, artist studios, gallery, and a rotating artist residency, the Aquarium aims to connect the New Orleans community with local and traveling artists by offering monthly art shows every Second Saturday, which coincides with the St. Claude Art Walk.

New Harmony High School

empowers each student to actively direct their own learning. As our name suggests, students will work to find new harmonies in order to restore balance that has been lost in our coastal communities, finding new ways of sustaining ourselves in an uncertain future

Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station

is a field research and educational /outreach facility of Southeastern Louisiana University and is located in the Lake Pontchartrain estuarine ecosystem.


 non-profit center for sustainable community development founded in New Orleans in 2010. 


Located in the Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans since 2010, Byrdie’s is a place for the community to explore clay arts. We offer classes in addition to providing a space for members to create and sell pottery.

Village Canoe

The Village Canoe is a multi-phase art project to create art and community from outdoor experience. Through an open-call invitation, 10 artists across various disciplines and practices were chosen to paddle, camp, and make work along Penobscot River and Bay in August 2019. The Village Canoe will host workshops and begin the construction of a 30’ voyageur-style canoe to use for future artist residencies and programming beginning in 2020.

Mare Liberum

 is a freeform publishing, boatbuilding and waterfront art collective based in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, New York.

Recycled Mississippi

Six men, four of them from overseas, took a two-month journey down the length of the Mississippi River on a boat made primarily from discarded plastic bottles. Their Recycled Mississippi expedition aims to promote public awareness of the need for clean rivers, less landfill waste, and the elimination of single-use plastic containers.

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