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"Some earthly things just burn, and burn, and burn, emanating a green light so bright it curdles. Some earthly creatures behave more like water than like earth..."

- Eleanor Warner, BLACK WILLOW (salix nigra)

layer 2

stories from hurricane katrina and the decade since

intro strip

The Boo Boo Bear Express is a paper canoe made of layers and layers of stories.

Over the course of four years,  more than three-hundred water stories from across Louisiana and Mississippi were layered atop a cedar and cypress boat frame. With every word, the boat grew stronger until June of 2019 when it entered the water and became a fully-functional vessel, helmed by the students of New Harmony High School in New Orleans.

Each story answered questions about where we stand (or float) in the vulnerable wet landscape of South Louisiana.

Those stories are reproduced here for you to enjoy. 

photo by Kitty O'Connor


the layers and their stories


Summer 2015 

layer 1

stories from Hurricane Katrina and the decade since

layer 2

stories from Hurricane Katrina and the decade since

layer 3

Hold The River Banks Up

from the Turtle Cove Workshop on the Water 

layer 4

What's in the Gulf

draw-a-thon 2018

layer 5

What Has Water Washed Away

from Lake Chicot writing retreat

layer 6

In the Stomach of a Damselfly

from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cove writing retreat

layer 7


garfish scales


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