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Casina Williams

your pain moves

me their pain too

I know mine very well

so now I can see the hurts everywhere

it tells me

i should bring hope and joy, it tells me

I am not alone, and

if I listen   if I speak  if I take action

i can bring comfort to anyone's


It reminds and me inspires me

to fill myself up so I can offer love to

those who have less

that is what I can do

 I will love your pain, their pain, and mine. 

June 19, 2019


  May 2019

thank you, yes you

for letting a middle aged lady

crush on you

2 weeks of trying to not rub and push on you

before i finally asked if you were going

home to someone else

i had no clue i was able to feel this again after 25 years, feeling desired gorgeous and young

you saying hello like a lover, like i'm the best thing

that has ever happened to you

my body resurrected my period after near menopause

bouncing when i walk, singing out loud

feeling dizzy silly reckless and fantasizing

like in every story, but now i can have that story too

thanks for being that person 

helping me wake up i feel fiery alive

June 20, 2019


Photo by Scott Eustis

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